This website has been blackout in protest of CISPA.

For more information please check out this article or Google it.

Please contact your elected officials about this outrageous infridgement on the internet.

It looks like we might have killed CISPA in the Senate.

Things I learned today…

1. Do not start training for anything when you still have sinus issues. It will feel like drowning.
2. Don’t take your lazy 10 pound dog with you when jogging or running is involved, he will lay down.
3. It’s OK to stop the training session half way through when you are drowning in your own head juice.
4. You need an armband to hold your phone that actually fits your arm and phone, borrowing one from your boyfriend that doesn’t fit either will not work.
5. I need a running playlist.
6. Running doesn’t feel bad, except for in my sinuses, but they just feel bad generally.
7. I don’t think I move my legs correctly when running, does that come with practice or should I seek assistance?
8. Socks bought from the running store make my feet feel awesome.
9. My new shoes are the brightest thing in my closet.
10. If I look the part, my head says I can fake it till I make it.

Monday, April 29, 2013 @ 2:57 pm

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