So last night about 1600 people in Nashville got to see Neil Gaiman speak and, if they waited, get some things signed. It was an awesome experience. 

Slobaum and I arrived later than FancyCwabs who had to wait apparently, we walked right into the box office and then straight up to find seats. Arriving later than planned worked really well.

First Mr. Gaiman talked about writing “Oceans at the End of the Lane”, and how he wrote it while Amanda Palmer was in Australia recording an album. I’m pretty sure this is when he had fans go and surprise her with kisses at a show. He also answered audience questions, alot of people in Nashville want to know WHY. We learned that Mr. Gaiman drinks his tea orally, he writes with  a different color fountain pen each day to see how much he’s written, that the story about how the Monkey got his coat back will be released in a compilation in 2014, and several other things I am sure to remember later, when I am not writing this.

Mr. Gaiman read a scene from Oceans at the End of the Lane with a thunderstorm, which Nashville kindly provided a thunderstorm in the background for. Listening to Neil talk about thunder and lighting with lighting in the the background was pretty amazing. 

Béla Fleck joined Neil Gaiman on stage to accompany him on the banjo while he read from “Fortunately the Milk” a new book he released earlier this year. It was an adorable book, that I am going to have to get so I can find out what happened to the father and the stegosaurus.

After the speaking portion of the night was over they randomly drew rows to get in line for the signing. Slobaum and I were called in the group just after FancyCwabs group. During the waiting I read the entire new book, “Oceans at the End of the Lane”. I’m a fast reader.

Then we met Neil Gaiman, if you can call saying “Thank You” and having some books signed meeting. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly at all) I am very shy. I think I saw him notice my unicorn pendent, which I bought after reading Stardust because it reminded me of the book. 

We got out of the signing a little after midnight, it was absolutely worth the wait. I’m sad that Neil Gaiman isn’t doing anymore signing tours, the fact that I am still discovering his writing, and I’ll never be able to get any yet undiscovered but written books is kind of devastating. He’s in my top 5 favorite authors (which are just jumbled together at the top unless I am currently reading one).

If you ever have a chance to go see Neil Gaiman speak, you should jump at the chance, he’s all sorts of amazing and charming.

Thursday, July 11, 2013 @ 12:32 pm

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